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Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram sarees and types in trend

Types of Kanchipuram / Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanchipuram silk sarees are characterized by their allurethrough their premium patterns and colours that meet diverse tastes. Although the sarees have stayed the same in their original techniques, even for the newer generation, pattern and colour mixes have changed. Kanchipuram silk sarees can make everyone exquisite, from a youngster to a graceful old beauty! Here are the 5 popular kanjivaram silk sarees types from Kanchipuram, which we have gathered for you.

1. Kanchipuram handloom silk sarees

2. Kanchipuram korvai silk sarees

3. Kanjivaram brocade silk sarees

4. Samudrika silk sarees

5. Kanjivaram soft silk sarees

Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram handloom silk sarees

Kanjivaram silk sarees or kanchipuram handloom silk sarees are world famous not just for the name , but for the quality weave that one get when they buy a kanjivaram silk saree.

Kanchipuram Korvai Silk Sarees

Intricate in execution, the woven attachment of korvai borders is one of the hallmarks of a kanjivaram classic. Beautifully hand woven through the laborious process of joining border attachments to the body of the kanjivaram saree, this weaving detail becomes a design feature in itself, taking on a multitude of forms from a straight line interlock to the more traditional sharp edged triangle and more elaborate temple inspired motifs.

Kanjivaram Brocade Silk Sarees

Kanjivaram silk brocade sarees exude refinement and are designed to complete the aesthetic of your bridal couture. The rich colours are accented with gold and silver zari, floral and many other patterns as brocade, along with brocade rich self pallu for further appeal. A Kanjivaram brocade silk saree is a must have in your bridal trousseau.

Samudrika Silk Sarees

Lightweight and comfortable weaves. Beautifully designed samudrika silk sarees are a delight to silk saree lovers. Hustle free maintenance and vibrant colours makes this weave an extra ordinary addition to your saree wardrobe.

Kanjivaram Soft Silk Sarees

Looking for some pocket friendly kanjivaram silk sarees, soft silk sarees from kanchipuram are for you. Sleek and simple designs with blended silk weaves. These are affordable and beautiful.

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